Frontline X240 Wireless Wideband Analyzer
Frontline X240 Wireless Wideband Analyzer

Frontline X240 Wireless Wideband Analyzer

Part Number:Frontline X240
  • Capabilities:Highly flexible solution that supports the capture of a number of wireless technologies, BR/EDR., Bluetooth LE, 802.11 a/b/g/n and ac and 802.15.4 via licensing options. Capture data without a PC attached - on board battery and memory means you can capture data anywhere in the lab or in the field. Great for automotive applications!
  • Includes:ComProbe Protocol Analysis System software, X240 base unit, antennas, C-C USB cables, CAT6 cable, power supply, Type C car charger, carrying case, one year Premium Maintenance and one year hardware warranty.


  • Flexible Licensing Model
  • Whole-band 2.4 GHz ISM capture
  • Capture Now, Decrypt Later
  • Analyze Multiple Piconets
The Frontline X240 Wireless Protocol Analyzer captures information streaming between wireless devices and is able to do so utilizing various technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 802.15.4.  It is paired with powerful software to provide developers with a robust set of analysis tools including Bluetooth protocol analysis, Bluetooth audio analysis, and spectrum analysis.

The Frontline X240 makes it possible to capture and decode the wireless devices being developed or debugged in even the most challenging settings.  It is compact, powerful, and built for mobility - weighing only 1.5 lbs! It is able to capture up to 16 logic channels and it can be powered by USB, enabling Excursion Mode for PC-free captures.  It is great for use in the lab or test facility, but fantastic when you need to get mobile and take it with you in field or on the road.

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