NetDecoder with the RS-232 ComProbe II
NetDecoder with the RS-232 ComProbe II

NetDecoder with the RS-232 ComProbe II

Your Price: $1,325.00
Part Number: ND-232
  • Capabilities:Capture all asynchronous RS-232 communications
  • Includes:Comes with NetDecoder analyzer software and the RS-232 ComProbe II. Also includes DecoderScript development tool, RS-232 monitoring cables, USB cable and one year hardware warranty.
  • Lead Time:Up to 4 Weeks


Captures and monitors all RS-232 communications
Rugged and Easy to use
Extremely Portable
USB Powered

RS-232 ComProbe II - A Portable, Rugged and Easy-to-Use Device for monitoring Asynchronous RS-232 communications

The RS-232 ComProbe II is a flash drive-sized interface that plugs into a PC's USB port and helps our customers monitor asynchronous RS-232 serial communications, using precise timing and control signal information. It is extremely easy to use, portable, and transportable. It allows you to spend more time doing your real job.

Monitoring Flexibility

An inline monitoring applicationThe RS-232 ComProbe II provides customers a great deal of flexibility in tapping into Async RS-232 bus configurations to address different monitoring situations.

The RS-232 ComProbe II can be used:

  • Directly in-line or
  • Connected via a combination of a provided Y-cable (enabling a quick connection to permanent or semi-permanent tap into the communication line) and/or the 6 foot RS-232 extension cable.
  • Some monitoring situations may require a pair of 25-pin to 9-pin adapters which are also included in the product.

You can find more information on how to use these cables for various monitoring situations on our Cable Setup page. An example of an in-line asynchronous RS-232 monitoring application is shown here.

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