NetDecoder with the RS-422/485 ComProbe
NetDecoder with the RS-422/485 ComProbe

NetDecoder with the RS-422/485 ComProbe

Your Price: $1,850.00
Part Number: ND-422/485
  • Capabilities:Capture all asynchronous RS-422/485 communications
  • Includes:Comes with NetDecoder analyzer software and one year hardware warranty.
  • Lead Time:Up to 4 Weeks


Captures and monitors all RS-422/485 communications
Rugged and Easy to use
Extremely Portable
USB Powered
Frontline RS-422/485 ComProbe A Portable, Rugged and Easy-to-Use Device for monitoring Asynchronous RS-422/485 communications

RS-422/485 ComProbeTo keep pace with advances in technology, the tried and true Serialtest® analyzer has been upgraded to support the "RS-422/485 ComProbe". Most new laptops and PCs do not have PCMCIA interfaces and the PC industry has migrated towards USB ports. To help our customers monitor asynchronous serial communications via their PC's USB port, Frontline has introduced its new RS-422/485 ComProbe II. This new device plugs into a PC's USB port and has screw terminal connectors to tap into the RS-422/485 circuit.

The RS-422/485 ComProbe monitors and captures Asynchronous RS-422/485 communications. It does not lose timing and control signal information. With this new interface, Frontline has made its NetDecoder analyzer more rugged, easier to use, portable and transportable. It allows you to spend more time doing your real job.

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